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It was just a dream...

It was Ms. Egghead's dream to open up a breakfast joint when she was 12 years-old.

The reason? She simply missed  breakfast from Taiwan, where she grew up till moving to Hawaii at age of 11.  Ms. Egghead also likes to showcase Taiwanese food to people in Hawaii, where it has respect to diversity of  food cultures.  It was not an easy road to make this dream come true,  but thanks to all the ones who have helped on this Egghead journey and the team at Egghead Cafe, without you,  Egghead Cafe will still be just a dream.  

We are lucky to serve you best breakfast on this beautiful island - Oahu.  Our mission is to showcase our creativity in the breakfast & drinks we serve, a fun family atmosphere, and "we care" customer service.  Egghead's coffee beans is locally roasted every week to ensure the quality we provide . We believe that when you come in to have breakfast with us, you deserve to feel like a guest of honor, so our team is always happy to go the extra mile.


Egghead has been featured multiple times in Honolulu Magazine, and were named one of Frolic Hawaii's top 5 favorite brunch spots. Thanks to you and Egghead Team!  Mahalo ~