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Two Eggy-Breakky  ---$10.00

choice of bacon, chorizo or avocado, two eggs.  White rice, toast or mix green ( mushroom rice +$2.00)

Morning Piggy Bowl  ---$12.75

chorizo or bacon, avocado, salsa, sweet corn, an egg, with mushroom rice

Wawa Bowl  --- $12.00

avocado, roasted beets, sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, salsa, with mushroom rice (  egg +$1.85)


All come with a side of mix greens with lilikoi dressing

Eggs - Salad Toast ---$7.25

chopped hard boiled eggs, celery, mayo, cayenne powder, hint of dill

Avo-Corn Toast ---$8.00

avocado-corn spread, paprika and basil aioli

(+ egg  $1.85)

Turkey Cranberry Havarti --- $11.00

turkey, Havarti cheese, caramelized onion, cranberry sauce

Chicken Pesto --- $12.00

chicken breast, mixed greens, tomato, pea shoots, Swiss cheese, walnut pesto, and basil aioli

Prosciutto Caprese --- $12.00

prosciutto, tomato, basil, Mozzarella, sun-dried tomato spread, basil aioli

Smoked Salmon --- $13.50

smoked salmon, tomato, mixed greens, pickled red onion, dill, caper and  cream cheese

Lilikoi B.L.T.E. --- $10.50

bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, scrambled eggs, mayo, lilikoi sauce


Acai Bowl --- $10.00

acai, granola, strawberries, banana, blueberries, and honey

Extra Stuffs

Half Avocado - $3.75

Bacon 3pcs - $4.00

Smoked Salmon - $5.50

Chorizo Patty 2pcs - $4.00

Grilled Chicken Breast - $4.50

Mushroom Rice - $2.75

Egg - $1.85

Toast - $1.75

Rice - $1.75


"mochi + waffle" 


Original Moffle --- $6.50

whipped cream, powder sugar

Trio-Berry Moffle --- $9.00

strawberries, blueberries, trio-berries sauce, whipped cream, powder sugar.

Banana Moffle --- $8.50

caramelized banana, whipped cream, powder sugar

Green Tea Moffle --- $9.00

green tea mochi waffle, ice cream, azuki beans, condensed milk, powder sugar.

*Gluten free is available +$2.00

(not available for Green Tea)


Baked pancake - crispy edge, soft inside 

Dutch Baby --- $6.50

Lemon, powder sugar

Berries Dutch Baby --- $8.50

blueberry, strawberry, powder sugar

Prosciutto Basil Dutch Baby --- $12

Prosciutto, tomato, basil, Mozzarella cheese, basil aioli

Veggies Rock Dutch Baby --- $12

cherry tomato, red beets, onion, basil, spicy Pepper Jack, basil aioli.


Get you green on

Quinoa Bowl --- $11.00

quinoa, mixed greens, cherry tomato, cucumber, avo-corn, Okinawa sweet potato, Asian sesame dressing (+egg $1.85)

Chicken Avocado Salad --- $13.50

chicken breast, avocado, cherry tomato, cucumber, mixed greens,  house-made lilikoi dressing

+Grilled Chicken Breast --- $4.50

+Smoked Salmon ---$5.50

(please no substitution for any of the ingredient) 

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